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Senior Materials Specialist



Senior Materials Specialist


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Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities: 

The Project Materials Manager (PMM) is responsible for the effectiveness and success of the Materials Management process on the project.  

This includes all activities in the life cycle of materials and equipment as it flows through various functional groups.

The Project Materials Manager provides Project Management with a single point of contact for all issues related to the provision of equipment and materials for the project.  

Basic Qualifications: 

• Understand contract requirements

• Prepare and implement project-specific materials management plan including:

o Key deliverables

o MOPEX plan (if required)

o Communication strategy with other disciplines

• Identify the key staffing requirements in the project material management group. 

• Assist project management with development of execution strategies for the project as related to provision of materials and equipment

• Assist with the preparation of the materials management budget for the project

• Coordinate set-up of materials management system (MMS) including schedule and interfaces

• Provide functional supervision and technical guidance to the team of materials management professionals on the project including:

o Shop fabrication order development

o Bills of material (BoM) development

o Reporting work front forecasting to ensure material delivery in the needed time frame.

o Engineering Material Control Functions

o Site material management functions

o Shop coordination functions

• Help assure that all major and minor equipment and bulk materials have been identified, purchased, delivered, and issued, and monitor forecast dates of all items not delivered.

• Using standard reporting tools, report quantity trending for materials to the project management team

• Provide forecasting to discipline leads and the project management team of needed material at each location necessary.

• Provide Fabrication and Construction with material forecasts for work planning and execution.

• Establish project materials reporting tools as agreed with project management and within the guidelines of the company’s management system (Unifi)

• Monitor and report status of equipment and materials to project management

• The coordination of company-owned and third-party fabrication shops either directly or through the use of one or more Shop Coordinators.  See Shop Coordinator role definition for description of duties.

• Assist in coordination of the disposition of any surplus materials with the project home office

Work with Project Management, Engineering/Design, Engineering Material Control, Procurement, Inspection, Logistics, Shop Fabrication, and Construction Management to implement sound, effective materials management processes. 

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