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Especialista em Soluções de TI, Directory Services

Algar Tech


Especialista em Soluções de TI, Directory Services

Algar Tech

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As a directory services solution specialist, you are a technical expert and referent for the Directory Services solutions (Active Directory, Azure AD, O365, PKI) for the company, knowing it from A to Z, understanding how all pieces work together from front-end to backend.

In this role, you are the expert and referent of one or several IT solution(s) within End-User Services. You ensure your solution evolves including enhancements requests management and prioritization together with the business.

From a support standpoint, you ensure support at level 1 and 2 are properly handled and you deliver the level 3 support (incident, problem and change management). You own overall incident, problem, configuration, and change for your solution. You are engaged in any implementation that touches your solution and manage if any dependency with other solutions. You need to stay in touch externally with the development of the solution and if any modification has to be envisioned within LDC and you also act as an internal consultant.

In some cases, you may also develop software (powershell) yourself and you can be involved in escalation management.

As Level 3 engineer, you are engaged on projects to maintain and evolve the solutions. You have good understanding of project management and in some cases, may be technical lead on solution projects. You create and execute change plans regularly

In your role it is fundamental you keep yourself aware of new technologies to be ahead of the game (create relationship with vendors, understand evolution).

Key accountabilities:

• Act as primary Level 3 support; incidents, request fulfillment, problems and changes

• Manage changes, new requirements of the solution(s)

• Develop and maintain technical documentation in support of the solution(s)

• Make proposals and provide information in order to support decision making concerning the solution

• Act as point of technical escalation for Level 2 issues/problems

• Develop and maintain Level 1 & Level 2 solution documentation


Inglês - Nível Fluente

Outros requisitos:

Experience in planning, designing, deploying, managing/troubleshooting Active Directory on Windows Server (2012, 2016) systems, Microsoft O365, Azure Active Directory as well as the following areas: Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 and Windows Power Shell

Technical/ Functional skills:

- Must have a high level working knowledge of messaging systems to address complex issues quickly

- Must have professional experience using Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 as well as knowledgeable in Active Directory, DNS, LDAP, AD Connect, ADFS, Azure AD, PKI, and windows clustering

- Should have working knowledge of WAN/LAN networks (e.g. routers, switches, VLANS, etc.)

- Working with and troubleshooting the following technologies – AD Replication and DNS issues via DCDiag & Replmon

- Thorough understand and proof of experience of managing all aspects of Active Directory (FSMO Roles, ADUC, Sites & Services, DNS, Group Policy)

- Proven experience with managing user lifecycle and governance via ADUC and Powershell/scripts

- Configuring and managing Active Directory across a multi-region/site topology of 200+ sites

- Experience using PowerShell to administer Active Directory, O365, Azure AD

- Preferred knowledge of AD tools such as Quest AD Change Auditor, AD Recovery Manager

- Preferred working experience of Exchange 2013 administration

The following are the preferred qualifications:

- MCSA: Windows Server 2016

- MCSA: Office 365

- MCSA: Exchange

- MCA: Azure Administrator

Other skills and competencies:

- Completeness and accuracy of documentation

- Compliance to established duties and procedures

- Quality and effectiveness of proposed Testing Strategies

- Adherence to project planned dates

- Timely publish of Monthly Status Reports

- Timely escalation of Potential Risks and Project Slippages


Nós somos a Algar Tech, oferecemos soluções de valor para todos por meio de serviços de customer experience e tecnologia. Faz parte do nosso DNA cuidar de gente e para isso temos como propósito conectar pessoas e organizações de um jeito único, que é traduzido em nossas ações de gestão de pessoas, entrega de qualidade para nossos clientes e trabalho em equipe. Aqui ninguém faz nada sozinho, aprendemos juntos e quem entra bom fica ainda melhor!

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