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Intern II

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 ·         A program that allows the possibility of apply the academic knowledge. The intern will have development actions specially designed for this position, as well as in-person actions with senior professionals of the company, that can allow expansion of knowledge about the area of expertise.


.            Studying (gratuation) in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Logistics, Production Engineering, or similars.


.            Monitor and evaluate the process of collecting and paying partners;

.            Perform the monitoring and validation of billing and payments of storage partners, services and import;

.            Monitor operational training with partners/suppliers;

.            Review operational procedures and prepare/update financial performance reports;

.            Analyse feedback on the service provided to the customer, effectively and create plans for continuous improvement of the processes of the area, with its leader;

.            Perform audits of operations around the world and insert this information into Sharepoint from the Global Flash company;

.           Verify financial data (costs and price), partners and customers, in the company's internal system and contracts; 

.           Perform the follow-up and updating of CPR (Customer Program Requirements) and WI (Working instructions), whenever necessary, related to the financial process and contracts.

Necessary knowledge/requirements:

.           Intermediate Excel;

.           Intermediate English (B1); 

.           Intermediate Spanish (B1).


 .           Brazil (São Paulo - SP), Lapa.

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