Especialista de Projetos em Telecomunicações (v1622549)

  • Código da vaga: v1622549
  • Nível hierárquico: Sênior
  • Local: Belo Horizonte / MG / BR


  1. Graduation on Telecom Engineering or related areas;
  2. Fluent English;
  3. Solid Experience on Project Management;
  4. Telecom background.
  5. Strong inter-personal and cross-functional collaboration and coordination skills
  6. Good communication skills and adapt to team working


  1. Interface with customer to make site plan; and align plan with suppliers;
  2. Integrate plan based on production, supplier, customer site preparation and design site implementation plan.
  3. Follow up and update project progress, output report to related project stakeholder.
  4. Monitor and output periodic report to customer and company informing the overall progress of the project implementation.
  5. Understand and clear customer needs; satisfy customer requirements.
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