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Sales Coordinator

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    Rio Bonito
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English is mandatory.

Military market experience.

Responsibility Main focus and priority in assisting the Area Sales Managers in their respective areas:
Responsible for assisting Area Sales Manager, handling all incoming enquiries and making sure that quotation
is sent within deadline.
Follow up on quotations to ensure orders in co-operation with responsible Area Sales Manager.
Responsible for assisting Area Sales Managers handling incoming orders, making sure they get registered in the
system and help out make all the arrangements needed before handover to contract .
Ensure that customer’s incoming e-mails with technical clarifications and other miscellaneous requests are
answered within reasonable time.
Making sure that Customers are satisfied and being treated in a good professional matter.
Always strive to secure the quality of the allocated work tasks in the best possible manner.

Main functions to be performed are:

Carry out market surveys
Monitor the activity within the market and select projects that require further promotion
Active sales activity/customer contact
Sales material and advertising
Selection and follow-up of agents
Plan and carry out sales exhibitions and take part at trade fairs
Report to the Managing Director/shareholders
Contract negotiations/signing

Coordination of incoming enquiries from customers, making sure they get handled within deadline.
Coordinate follow-up on hot lists and quotations together with local sales department. Always ensuring
that Norsafe will be in the best position to get orders.
Coordinate incoming Orders from customers and participate in process with Handover
Coordinate incoming requests from customers with misc. technical clarifications, making sure they get
handled within reasonable time.
Support Area Sales Managers in their tasks.
The departments Administrator for ERP System(HQ)

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