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Material Handling Manager Construction Site

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Essential Responsibilities

- Utilization of the MTA and / or supplier net tool (reporting tools still to be clarified) including training for others as required 
- Coordination of materials under his scope of responsibility 
Verify against master shipping list of materials that all boxes sent by GE and its suppliers have been received at site 
- Establish systems and implement procedure for receipt of materials at site, storage and release of material to erection sub-contractors 
- Establish and implement storage control procedures in discussion with erection sub-contractors; organization of storage area (sizes, indoor/outdoor, boxes arrangement and accessibility per unit, per equipment, per MLI Model List Item…) to support storage 
- Establish and implement preservation procedures; Check proper storage conditions are in place as per packing list storage code and OEM preservation documentation 

-Establish procedures for storage and subsequent handover of commissioning / contract / maintenance spare parts 
- Register and record the materials on site 
- Accept, stock and forward all arriving material to field assembly in cooperation with the concerned Construction discipline and in accordance with the pertaining handling instructions. Ensure that logistic, boxes inventory follow the installation schedule 
- Inspect incoming goods and immediate reporting of all/any shortages or damages. Obtain or initiate the provision of missing documents. Perform detailed inventory of every boxes against individual packing lists and report results of inspection. Identify missing or damaged parts and report on OSD format missing or damaged parts with drawings identification, photos. Create OSD Log.

- Communicate weekly update of OSD Log to the Site Manager for order of the missing or damaged parts 
- Perceive deviations from the material delivery schedule as soon as possible (and report such to Site manager immediately) 
- Ensure all material is handled according to the applicable QA instructions 
- Daily logs will be maintained which record all events to address any subsequent claims or disputes 
- Establish and execute packing rubbish disposal plan and coordinate return of temporary transport devices to logistic department 
- Implementation of the GE EHS policy within the operational scope of material handling management, including all established safety procedures, work instructions, guidelines and local laws/regulations and informing employees about hazardous materials and applicable precautions 
- Weekly report / feedback of material receipt and status information to Site manager that all contractors within the material management scope are in compliance with the EHS requirements at site 
- Participate to the implementation of all necessary site material handling infrastructure 
- Defines the site procedures for all material handling/storage/movement/issue  
- May suspend work in case of abnormal or risky situations


- Experience with material handling on large construction site as responsible person 
- Strong knowledge of Environmental, Health and Safety.

- Fluent in English and Portuguese. 
- Understanding of Brazilian custom system Basic understanding of Thermal Power stations 
- Good knowledge of Microsoft Software like Excel, Word, etc 
- Good knowledge about preservation of material and equipment once arrived on site 
- Experience with managing a small team 


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