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Coordinator Shea


Supervisão/ Coordenação

Coordinator Shea


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Directs, leads, and coordinates plant safety health and/or environmental activities to assure compliance with legal and corporate requirements utilizing economical, effective, and efficient concepts. With demonstrated expertise in various safety health and/or environmental areas and with guidance from Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs (SHEA) Global and others, provide technical consultation, support, and guidance to all plant staff on safety health and/or environmental matters.

1. General Safety, Health & Environmental Affairs (SHEA)

a) Provides safety health and/or environmental guidance and advice for existing operations, programs, and procedures. These may include, but are not limited to Location Emergency Response Plan; Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan; Hazard Communication Standard (HCS)/GHS, including evergreen Safety Data Sheet (SDS) program; TSCA, Fire protection/prevention, LOTO, Confined Space, Ergonomics, Powered Industrial Vehicles, Asbestos; Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP); Industrial hygiene and noise monitoring; Job Safety Health Analyses / Hazardous Waste Safety Analyses (JSHA/HWSA); Waste management compliance and waste minimization (Pollution Prevention); Air emission, Wastewater discharge, and Waste disposal monitoring; Emergency coordination and Emergency Response Team involvement; DOT packaging, Labeling, and Shipping requirements, Contractor compliance program, OSHA requirements, injury/illness tracking/prevention, etc.

b) Key contact for all SHEA programs and procedures that include Federal, State, and Local safety, health, and/or environmental regulations. SEMAG, CPRH, CONAMA

c) Coordinates updates to existing programs and procedures in SHEA to improve the effectiveness

d) Accountable for monitoring and maintaining the process/procedure of documentation related to the plant SHEA Evergreen, and any compliance programs and procedures.

e) Coordinates safety health and/or environmental training for salaried, hourly, and new personnel, and maintains and/or monitors training records and documentation.

f) Maintain records of facility assessment/audits, hazard assessments, and inspections. Participate during governmental health, safety, and/or environmental inspections.

g) Interfaces with Production, Engineering, R&D, Quality, Human Resources, Purchasing, Legal Affairs, Public Affairs, and other plants and corporate functional groups to meet assigned safety health and/or environmental objectives

h) Lead the investigation (4steps) and coordinate on developing corrective action/improvement for SHEA incident/accident.

i) Engages production and maintenance colleagues working on the shop floor in hazard identification, corrective action, and behavioral safety.

j) Communicates accountability to operations leaders and all colleagues related to their roles with SHEA.

k) Conduct and manage Industrial Hygiene monitoring to ensure colleagues are working in a safe environment.

l) Lead investigations into Industrial Hygiene results at or above 50% of permissible limits and manage corrective actions.

m) Manage and oversee the wastewater treatment process to ensure the facility’s effluent is compliant with permissible limits.

n) Maintains appropriate environmental and safety permits for the facility while fulfilling all reporting and permit requirement duties.

o) Assist with site remediation, working with corporate environmental affairs and environmental consultants to remediate contaminants in soil and groundwater.

2. SHEA Inspection, Assessment, Compliance & Reporting (SHEA)

a) Proactive on tracks National or State safety health and/or environmental regulations and evaluates their effects on plant operations.

b) Establishes and coordinates appropriate facility inspection and assessment programs to assure that all plant operations are in compliance with State and National regulations, Company requirements, and that corrective actions are completed and documented.

c) Prepares and provides external safety health and/or environmental reports including permit applications, government filings, and responses to governmental inquiries or information requests. Ensures that all permits are submitted on time and are accurate.

d) Apprises plant and global SHEA on the progress of safety health and/or environmental assignments through regular written documentation and verbal presentation

e) Provides information and submit monthly data/report require global SHEA software or share point site.

f) Conduct waste site audits to minimize short-term and long-term liabilities by ensuring the waste site is appropriate for the waste.

3. SHEA Others Requirement

a) Provide technical information supporting the efforts of consultants and contractors participating in safety health and/or environmental projects or in-plant activities with safety health and/or environmental impacts.

b) Provides safety health and/or environmental guidance on facility projects with various SHEA documents to evaluate the safety health and/or environmental impact of projects during the early stages, to minimize or eliminate adverse impacts, and to assess regulatory permitting needs

c) To participate in and lead in delivering on  Sustainability effort through environmental improvement programs aimed at reducing our overall impact on the business

d) Acting liaison in Latin America battery collection and recycling.


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