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  • Publicada em 15/10/2020
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HR Supervisor

Continental do Brasil Produtos Automotivos

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▪ Responsible for the HR Department of ContiTech in Macaé, ensuring the applicability and execution within Continental Policies of all subsystems such as: Recruitment and Selection, Communication, Benefits, Training and Development, Personnel Administration, International Assignment, Compensation, Health, Safety and Environment; giving support to all the employees and leaders of the Plant;

▪ Facilitate the recruitment and selection of all staff required for the progress of proceedings in Macaé plant;

▪ Support the leadership in the retention and development of all the employees, controlling turnover rates and absenteeism;

▪ Monitor cases of changes of positions, promotions, shutdown staff, and other personnel movement;

▪ Support the resolution of internal conflicts;

▪ Support all corporate projects;

▪ Support Mysuccess evaluation programing and also the evaluation program for variable employees;

▪ Act in matters relating to assignments related to ContiTech Brazil;

▪ Support business as HR Partner (Be an active member of the leadership team, taking part of the strategic decisions which HR must support for successful achievements in the BU);

Analyze external environment (e.g. job market, technology, demographic development) and internal factors (e.g. fluctuation) to discuss and define future workforce requirements;  

▪ Lead Talent Management Conference;

▪ Define and track measures for employees development;

▪ Lead Basics live Program in the BU, and develop action plan together with the leadership;

▪ Address legal issues and labor complaints, providing the necessary support;

▪ Support all Internal Communication process;

▪ Carry out the benefits issues;

▪ Take care of Personnel Administration issues of the Plant;

▪ Supervise and support ESH area, in order to ensure the accomplishment of law, corporate guidelines and internal procedures.                                                                                                                                                             





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