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  • Publicada em 09/03/2020
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RF Optimization Engineer



RF Optimization Engineer


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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for network planning & optimization & OT Acceptance tasks, complete the network planning & optimization & OT target based on the SOP requirements;

2. Resolve technical problems during planning and optimization through accurate problem analysis and location,ensure good KPIs and OT acceptance;

3. Effectively communicate with customers or internal Team about technical solutions, project plans, swap plans and progresses and ensure customer satisfaction so that are no valid complaints from internal and external customers.



Skills Requirements and professional knowledge requirement:

1. Possesses good communication skills, able to correctly understand and effectively analyze customer and project team requirements, provide feasible solutions according to customer requirements according to existing solutions and SOPs.

2. Able to communicate well with  customers on technical solution, project plan, and project progress.

3. Able to work well in a team, and achieve OT targets given by cooperating with team members.

4. Basic radio propagation theory.understanding of radio network planning and optimization solutions for GSM/WCDMA//LTE networks.

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