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Sr. Engineer - Wind and Solar Power Generation Projects Development

SDEPCI Projetos e Construção do Brasil Ltda.

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Main responsibilities

1. Support business leader on developing consultancies, databases and other resources specialized in:

    - market analysis and technical feasibility of new energy sources, wind and solar resources;

    - analysis of demands and access to national electricity / power transmission networks;

   - environmental impacts / permissions and risk assessment;

   - the request of the IBAMA LP (previous license) and other regulatory requirements.

2. Coordinate the execution of the project development planning including including identify proper resources or subcontractors to prepare technical reports and survey as well as reviewing of technical solutions.

3. Provide analysis, information and documentation administration to participate on A-4 and A-6 energy auctions.

4. Ensure the adequacy of the project according to auction requirements and bidding processes.

5. Coordinate the communication process and interface with the client, business partners, communities, suppliers and subcontractors to ensure the proper execution of the project.



1. Previous experience in the development/coordination of projects on renewable energies / wind / solar power plants

2. Solid/proven knowledge on consultancies, databases and sources of market analysis and economic feasibility of new sources of energy, wind and solar resources, analysis of demands and access to national energy/electricity transmission networks, technical solutions, suppliers, partners, impacts/environmental permitting and risk assessment.

3. College degree plus specializations in the area

4. Solid knowledge of the Office package and MS Project

5. Fluent/advanced level in English


Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Corp., Ltd. (SDEPCI), founded in 1958, is a domestically leading and internationally competitive provider of electric power engineering consulting and project construction services. SDEPCI is committed to supporting its global clients with safe, economic, efficient and clean solutions of energy.

SDEPCI is capable of and has performed the contracting on EPC basis for large-scale and high-parameter thermal power plant with single unit of 1000MW, UHV power line and substation projects and AP1000 GEN III nuclear power stations.

SDEPCI has over 1600 employees, including 1 national power survey & design master, 3 national senior experts for power survey & design, 1 expert enjoying state council special allowance, and 3 Shandong provincial engineering design masters.

SDEPCI’s business reaches around 40 countries/ regions and it has overseas branches in Brazil, South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia and Pakistan, etc.. SDEPCI has established strategic cooperation with many renowned enterprises both at home and abroad.

SDEPCI is one of the enterprises with the most sophisticated capability and most advanced technology in thermal power engineering and consulting in China. SDEPCI has accumulatively completed over 380 projects of consulting and design with the installed capacity of 76,000MW, which accounts for one twelfth of  China’s total installed thermal power capacity.

As an EPC contractor, SDEPCI has finished 76 projects both at home and abroad on thermal power, power transmission and transformation or clean energy with the total capacity of 8,000MW. SDEPCI is now the winner of 2 national “gold key”, 6 “silver key” and 5 “copper key” prizes for EPC engineering in China, ranking the top both in number of “gold key” prizes and the total number of all prizes in China’s power survey and design industry.

SDEPCI masters such internationally prevalent standards as ASMI and BS as well as the local compulsory standards in Brazil, South Africa and India. SDEPCI enjoys the complete international project risk control system, construction management system and the leading comprehensive capability for international engineering implementation.