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HR Business Partner

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Basic Qualifications:

- Complete academic degree;

- English expert;

- Experience in RH areas;

- Microsoft Officce software intermediate.



1.Support business as HR Partner (Be na active member of the leadership team, taking part of the strategic decisions which HR must support for successful achievements in the plant)
2. Analyze mid to long term supply, demand and identify gaps
3. Analyze external environment (e.g. job market, technology, demographic development) and internal factors (e.g. fluctuation, age distribution) to discuss and define future workforce requirements (quantitative & qualitative) for the company.
4. Propose and simulate actions to address future workforce challenges.
5. Perform all activities to advertise job opportunities (e.g. intake/briefing meeting) and to source for candidates.
6. Define and promote retention management manual/process.
7. Develop, implement and monitor retention programs.
8. Support and counsel employees in legal and personal aspects (e.g. counseling employees/supervisors on legal issues and employee assistance programs).
9. Define a standard application/applicant management process and minimum standards for the company.
10. Perform all activities to handle candidates through the process to fill a vacant position (operational applicant management activities: e.g. Communication and Status Updates, Screening, Interviews/Selection, Offers, Rejections) within the Global Recruiting Standards.
11. Administer operational exit/outplacement activities (e.g. managing the exit/outplacement process, exit interviews); excludes activities to terminate employment, e.g. performance management, retirement, etc.
12. Coordinate the required information and work together with the HR BU Heads.
13. Lead TLM Conference.
14. Define and track measures for development.
15. Lead Basics live implementation in you area of responsibilities and develop action plan together with costumers.
16. Do the debriefing of the 360o.
17. Labor legal support for the business.
18. Support the Performance Management cycle (incl. deriving development needs).
19. Support managers with performance management (process).
20. Define career path profiles incl. generic job profiles.
21. Identify critical succession roles, nominating candidates and measuring candidate readiness.
22. Manage and implement succession plans.
23. Provide nomination for Assessment Center AC.
24. Provide Nomination for Development Center for Orientation - DCfO.
25. Provide Development planning.
26. Support Succession Management.
27. Design, implement and administer feedback management programs (e.g., employee surveys).
28. Assume responsibility for negotiations and agreements with Work Groups on pre-defined standard set up for employee surveys.
29. Develop and implement initiatives/programs to build and foster corporate culture.
30. Develop and implement initiatives/programs to promote diversity.

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