Audit Manager / Compliance (v1573671)

  • Código da vaga: v1573671
  • Nível hierárquico: Gerência
  • Local: São Paulo / BR
  • Quantidade de vagas: 1
  • Data de expiração: 04 de Novembro de 2017

- For an American industrial multinational company;

- Depth knowledge of auditing techniques, environmental evaluation of Internal controls and risk management;

- Responsible for Internal Audit, Risk Assessment and Corporate Policies;

- Coordinator of the Risk Management Committee and Ethics and Conduct Committees and Information security;

- Alignment of the Internal Audit with the Company's Strategy;

- Support the internal activities of financial control, as well as the financial statements and closing processes;

- Graduation in Accounting or Finance, with MBA;

- Fluent in English and Spanish - mandatory;

- Location: São Paulo / SP.           

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