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Engagement Manager

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A key role in our company

The Engagement Manager (EM) is a key role at Plataformatec. This professional will lead several teams to deliver successful projects to our customers. These teams are formed by software engineers, agile project managers and consultants.

The projects
The projects may vary from short consulting engagements (4 to 8 weeks duration) up to 12-month contracts of custom software development services. We use agile methodologies, Ruby on Rails and Elixir programming languages.

Our clients
Our clients are successful fintech, insurance tech, e-commerce and SaaS companies in Brazil and US. These companies are usually in high-growth phase and they partner with us to overcome challenges related to reducing their time-to-market launching new products or new features.

The relationship with senior managers
The EM is also accountable for becoming a trusted advisor to senior management of our clients (like IT directors and CTOs) in order to help them create and deploy strategies for their departments and development of Digital Products.

The results
i) A successful EM is able to hold a portfolio of successful projects and clients that will acknowledge her/him as a trusted advisor. ii) Your team will see you as trusted leader that genuinely contributes to their development and career. iii) And finally, an EM will bring a healthy revenue stream for Plataformatec.

What this job position can add to your career
Beyond future leadership positions here, at Plataformatec, being an EM for 2~3 years can boost your career towards senior management positions in the consulting or tech industry or even prepare you to become a tech entrepreneur as well. Depending on your past background, these are some examples of future positions that you could pursue after being an EM: sr. Development Manager, Head of Digital Products Development, Head of Agile, CTO/co-founder of startups, General Manager, Principal Consultant, etc.

- Inglês Fluente (escrito e verbal)
- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Business
- Solid experience with agile projects (Scrum, Kanban)
- Solid experience working with client projects, in any role.
- Account Management experience will be a differentiator
- Must be available for business travels in Brazil and abroad

Required competencies:
- Able to foresee 2-3 steps ahead to identify potential risks to the projects
- Problem solving skills with hard analytical thinking
- Excellent communication and didactic skills, to be able to influence and articulate ideas to senior client executives and team members
- Ability to work under pressure, manage client expectations and not get overwhelmed by client pressures on you and your team
- Enjoys and gets energized by complex problem solving


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Some of the key activities an EM performs:

- Customer Success - delivering projects and becoming a trusted advisor to our customers
- Meet periodically with senior technology managers, like directors and C-level executives, and help them design strategies to achieve their desired outcomes through our services portfolio.
- Plan your team allocation, considering the right balance of skills and projects schedules.
- Manage client expectations and manage contract budgets.
- Consult with your team, your peers and your direct manager to develop solutions to your customers' challenges.
- Lead your team to deliver successful projects.

Revenues - sustain Plataformatec's growth

- Create and run account management strategies that will bring new business to Plataformatec, while helping our customers achieve success (win-win).
- Identify new business opportunities in ongoing engagements that will help our customers.
- Work together with our sales team, in orther to bring new customers.

People Success - being a great leader and a great manager to your team

- Lead, engage and develop your team of engineers, project managers and consultants.
- Run one-on-one meetings with your team to listen, discuss and create goals for their careers and self-development.
- Encourage your team to face new challenges.
- Provide guidance and support so your team can overcome challenges.
- Provide candid feedbacks with a genuine intention of contributing to your team's self development.
- Be honestly open to receive feedbacks from your team.


Uma empresa de desenvolvimento e consultoria de software referência em Ruby, Elixir e Agile.
Seus serviços são dirigidos a negócios em todo o mundo – desde startups até empresas Fortune 1000 –, para suportar seus desafios a partir do desenvolvimento de produtos e plataformas digitais. Há 8 anos atuando no Brasil e exterior, já entregaram inúmeros projetos bem-sucedidos de desenvolvimento e consultoria.

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