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A oportunidade Administrador de Redes Senior (v1566232) não está mais disponível no VAGAS.com.br.

Administrador de Redes Senior

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•To setup, monitor and maintain the computer network systems for the organization they work for
• To review the network requirements of the company in the region and setup systems accordingly
• To ensure optimizing activities to improve performance of systems that support business requirements in the region
• In consultation with the infrastructure management, design rules and regulation for the use of the networks which apply to everyone
• Repair and troubleshooting the network and related appliances
• Treat requirements for hardware and software related to communication tools and its means, like audio and video conference tools, looking for harmonization of requirements in the region
• to maintain an inventory of hardware and software equipment that would be required for the network administration in the region
• to oversee the installation of network in offices and other areas of the organization where computers and communication systems are being installed
• Deploy internal processes and support security external audits regarding network requirements
• Ensure that the Regional policy and standards for security and data protection are fit for purpose and correctly implemented in the BUs in the region

Required Skills:
-Network governance (methods of integrating network and telecommunications governance into the overall enterprise governance framework; third-party relationships and their impact on information security)
-Network Risk Assessment (required components for establishing an information security classification schema consistent with business objectives)
-Network Management (planning, designing, developing, testing and developing network policies and guidelines that meet and support enterprise business objectives, also managing third-party risks)
-Incident Management and Response (components of an incident response capability; information incident management practices, types and sources of network tools and equipment required)
- Fluent English