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A oportunidade Project & Change Management Analyst (PL/SR) - PwD Position art. 93 - LEI Nº 8.213/1991 (v1563963) não está mais disponível no VAGAS.com.br.

Project & Change Management Analyst (PL/SR) - PwD Position art. 93 - LEI Nº 8.213/1991

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We look for a PwD talent who will be responsible for projects portfolio management in South America to support Commercial Transformation initiatives, including activities from definition of projects scopes, deliverables and plans, to implementation of change management techniques to ensure proper level of organizational engagement and sustainability of changes.

Key activities:

- Projects portfolio management: responsible for opportunities mapping and prioritization; costs, benefits and implementation complexity analysis;
- Project management: responsible to manage projects activities across the entire definition and implementation cycle, like but not limited to: build businesses cases, define projects scopes and plans, size human resources, manage risks, provide status reports;
- Change management: design plans and act as change agent, create communications and develop training to sustain changes on systems, processes and roles;
- Search for outside-in perspectives and share best practices for the scopes of projects;
- Main responsibilities are:
o Keep project plan on time and on budget;
o Deliver initiatives within the timeline;
o Guarantee proper level of quality on the deliverables;
o Make sure stakeholders are engaged and properly informed along the development and implementation of initiatives;
o Guarantee adoption and sustainability of changes.


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