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Multinational Company of the Oil and Gas Sector

Control Room Operator (v1563948)

  • Código da vaga: v1563948
  • Nível hierárquico: Técnico
  • Local: Rio de Janeiro / RJ / BR
  • Quantidade de vagas: 2
  • Data de expiração: 15 de Setembro de 2017
Technical level or Superior degree

Job Description:
Prepare process and utility systems for remote operation
Remotely operate and monitor process and utility systems
Prepare process and utility systems for shutdown
Isolate and reinstate process and utility systems for maintenance and repair
Contribute to control of critical situations and respond to emergencies
Monitor and maintain pollution control measures
Manage and Supervise Effectively
Carry out Emergency Response role
Provide any additional duties as required by the OIM/Unit Spt. and /or HOD to maintain safe and efficient running of the Unit.
Assist maintenance operations by applying/removing isolations as required
Advise maintenance personnel on hazards of plant and equipment.
Witness third party calibrations when appropriate to provide verification of meter factors and volumes
Monitor and operate electrical/hydraulic control panels, safety and emergency shutdown devices, Fire and Gas Systems.
Compare sample and testing results (API/BS&W/salinity) of process and utility fluids to optimal.
Monitor, maintain and optimize process parameters (Level, flow, temperature, pressure etc) within operating requirements.
Start up, Operate, Monitor and Shut Down Process and Utility Systems.
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