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A oportunidade Estágio em Engenharia (v1432260) não está mais disponível no VAGAS.com.br.

Estágio em Engenharia (v1432260)

  • Código da vaga: v1432260
  • Nível hierárquico: Estágio
  • Local: São Paulo / SP / BR

• Grasp full basic knowledge in the telecommunication equipment or network such as IP Network, NGN, IMS, PS, and so on.
• Have knowledge related with breaker value, cable ladder size, and antenna support size, concrete base standard, and pipe, power and grounding cable cross-section, so on.
• Has Cisco Certification will be hired in high priority.
• Know how to use AUTOCAD or other similar program to read/draw infrastructure.
• Have the experience such as PPI/PDI/TSS and so on.
• Know how to use computer (Excel, Linux).
• Good at team work, can organize all resources to achieve the target.
• Students of Telecommunication or Electrical Engineering with graduation planned to Jun or Dec, 2018.
• Availability to do the internship for 6 hours per day.

Work place:
• Chácara Santo Antônio – south zone of São Paulo (near train station Granja Julieta).

Benefits and wage according to the market.
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