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Colgate Palmolive

Faça parte desta Empresa Multinacional Norte-Americana do ramo de Produtos de Consumo.

Project Engineer (v1417187)

  • Código da vaga: v1417187
  • Nível hierárquico: Sênior
  • Local: São Paulo / SP / BR
  • Quantidade de vagas: 1
Main Responsibilities
- planning / define project scope with stakeholders
- lead outside contractors and Colgate resources
- assure cost and lead time are according to plan
- assure project delivered with high quality level, attending scope and business needs
- multi-task skills to manage several projects at the same time
- issue project report status frequently
- place PO to purchase material (emergencies cases)

Technical Behavior
- English - advanced level
- knowledge in Cleaning and Sanitization Process / Sanitary Equipment and Pipings, including welding
- management of several projects at the same time
- manage project scope to attend stakeholders needs / business needs
- manage time to delivery project
- manage cost of project
- manage people, usually outside contractors
- manage resources to delivery project on time
- manage project risk and oversee issues

Personal Behavior
- pro-activity
- result oriented (quality and time is key)
- team work
- good interpersonal relationship
- self control to lead / manage conflicts
- leadership
- motivation to lead complexity and challenges
- energy to get things well done
- skills to deliver presentations / project status

Professional Experience
- at least, 5yr as project engineer in cosmetic / pharmaceutical industry
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