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Potential Engineer (v1400143)

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  • Data de expiração: 18 de Novembro de 2016
Potential Engineer

The Potential Engineer Internship Program at Rockwell Automation will give you the opportunity to start your professional career experiencing the challenges of the world's largest company dedicated to the field of Industrial Automation.

Directed to senior students of Control and Automation Engineering courses, Electrical, Electronics and Mechatronics, the program lasts for one year. With great commercial and technical approach, our goal is to empower potential young people through job rotation in key business areas of the company, as well as training and feedback constant.

This experience will offer you the opportunity to know the different aspects of our business, work in a global and highly qualified staff, enabling the development of skills for their professional career. In addition, the program's flexibility will provide you the possibility to identify in which area best can contribute according to their abilities and preferences.

After the program ends, opportunities may be offered, as hiring in any department and location Rockwell as well as training and or international career.

Be part of a global team breathing challenges, technology and innovation!

•Students Control and Automation Engineering, Electrical, Electronics and Mechatronics
•Advanced English / fluent;
•Availability for an internship, if opportunity is opened, within any other location of Rockwell Automation

Process Steps:
•Registrations: From September 1 to October 23 2016
•Online tests (English, logic and general knowledge)
•HR interviews: November / 2016
•Assessment Centre (with people managers and HR): November / 2016
•Final interview (individual): December / 2016
•Feedback: December / 2016 - All candidates who participated in the selection process will receive feedback via e-mail
•Hiring process: December / 2016
•Internship Start date: January 2017

Further details of the program will be informed in attendance stages of the selection process.

** IMPORTANT: The dates can be changed, but applicants will be notified in advance.
Stay tuned to your e-mails as part of the process of communication is online. **

The Potential Engineer internship program is an excellent opportunity for you to launch your career!

Rockwell Automation
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