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Unitec Semiconductors, the most modern semiconductor fab in southern hemisphere, works in intensive solutions supply for many markets by the development, production and encapsulation of integrated circuits. The Company, built to attend the global market, with main focus on Latin America, has a big capability to draw and develop high technology products for urban systems connections, smartcards, modernization of diagnosis in health sectors and hospitals systems interconnections, and innovative components to many industries. Unitec Semiconductors is a society that has as shareholders Corporación América, Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES), Banco de Desenvolvimento de Minas Gerais (BDMG), International Business Machine Corporation (IBM), WS-Intecs and Matec Engenharia. With an important regional presence and industrial plant in Ribeirão das Neves (MG), in Brazil, the company contributes to boost the technology and development sectors.

The ability to work in a company where innovation plays a central role in its operation and is investing heavily in research and development is just one of the attractions for those who want to be part of a high performing team.

We are currently seeking a professional for OPERATIONS, occupying the position:


  • Código da vaga: v1377021
  • Nível hierárquico: Sênior
  • Local: Ribeirão das Neves / MG / BR
  • Quantidade de vagas: 1
  • Data de expiração: 08 de Novembro de 2016
Required Qualifications:

:: Master or PhD in Physics, Engineering or similar;
:: Precise working style & target oriented problem solving, cross functional team player;
:: Fluent in English.

Main Responsibilities:

:: Provide manufacturing capacity and enhance the manufacturing capabilities of the associated process areas by leading equipment installation projects, performing process qualification, and improvement projects as required;
:: Establish manufacturing processes by specifying the process recipe, the required equipment parameters and conditions as well as the entire process environment, such as the process route and materials, pre-processing routes and rework routes;
:: Sustain a consistent Quality Control Plan (QCP) for the company by specifying frequency and sampling for SPC measurements, equipment monitoring, parameter limits, measurement tools, accuracies and standards, automation definitions as well as automated equipment alarms and inhibits;
:: Ensure a smooth and seamless operation of the manufacturing procedures in the associated process area by specifying the standard operations procedures (SOP's), the work environment (along 5S), the methods and operations resources as well as by elaborating OCAPs (out-of-control-action-plans);
:: Ensure process performance and stability by supervising continuously the measurement results, test results, equipment parameters as well as other indicators of the related process;
:: Ensure a continuous process performance improvement by applying statistical methods to analyze parameters and by turning the conclusions of the analysis into necessary actions (e.g. preventive measures) regarding the process or equipment;
:: Assess and manage potential risks associated with the processes in a systematic manner by performing Failure Measure and Effect Analysis (FMEA's) for process, equipment and technology, by working on the required action plans and by continuously updating the FMEA knowledge base with newly gained findings or insights. FMEA responsibility may encompass a coordinator/facilitator role;
:: Protect the work in progress (WIP) and minimize the exposed WIP of the company by responding immediately to out-of-control situations or dangerous trends and by dispositioning non-conformal material (NCM) adequately;
:: Improve process yields, scrap yields, throughput and efficiency of the associated processes by performing performance reviews as well as weak-point analysis and by turning the conclusions into subsequent action plans;
:: Ensure and improve the process capability and robustness by performing process window analysis and applying design-of-experiments methods on parameter variations;
:: Improve the cost performance of the associated processes by performing qualification projects for optimized process routes, new parts or new materials along the company's change management policies;
:: Support enhancing the company's technological capabilities by continuously interchanging with the technologists of the company regarding technology options and short/mid/long term objectives and by offering / elaborating potential solutions;
:: Support the equipment procurement process by elaborating and providing adequate technical specifications (in collaboration with equipment experts);
:: Ensure efficiency of work results and timely availability of project objectives by applying state of the art project management methods as well as target oriented problem solving practices;
:: Safeguard and protect established quality levels of the company (e.g. process yields) by complying with (and actively contributing to) the company's change management policies and practices;
:: Support the operations and the equipment maintenance by assisting from the technological side in the supervision of personnel who works on the equipment, the equipment periphery or the process materials and supplies, such as maintenance, facility personnel, contracted services etc;
:: Own the process and its parameters in the framework of the company's responsibility deployment;
:: Ensure audit safe documentation of all work along the established quality instruments and policies;
:: Be an internal as well as external point of contact for the company as regards process and equipment expertise;
:: Be the technical coach for the process area and interface with technologists as well as maintenance and operation personnel of the area by elaborating appropriate training and education material;

Work Location: Ribeirão das Neves - MG - Brazil

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