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  • How much do I have to pay to use VAGAS e-partner?

    The costs related to the use of VAGAS e-partner software vary in accordance with the user profile. We have packages for companies of all sizes and for all kinds of solutions. Contact our commercial team so that they can identify the ideal model for your recruitment and selection needs.

  • Is it possible to buy the VAGAS.com résumé data base?

    We do not sell résumés because we believe that this is not fair to the applicants and is not a complete solution for companies to find the best talents. When you contract for VAGAS e-partner, you get access to a complete software solution, for managing your selection processes from beginning to end. With it, you can perform a sorting to search for the best applicants among the more than 10 million résumés registered in our data base. In addition, all of the job openings created with the software can be advertised in the VAGAS.com.br site, Brazil's largest career portal that receives up to 400 thousand visits per day, from all areas of the country.

  • How do I advertise my company's job openings in VAGAS.com.br?

    To publish a job opening, you must contract for the VAGAS e-partner software. Any job opening created with this software can be published on the VAGAS.com.br site, Brazil's largest career portal. Contact us. We are ready to answer any of your questions and find the best contracting model for your company.

  • How do I receive résumés from applicants?

    Receiving résumés by email or having to manage great piles of paper doesn't make any sense in today's world. When you use VAGAS e-partner, all of the résumés from people who apply for jobs at your company will be available in the software. That's where you make your selection of the best applicants. With just a few clicks, you can define sorting and ranking criteria and visualize applicants in a list ordered in accordance with their adherence with the job requirements.

  • Can I test the tool?

    We do not have a testing period for the tool, because we do not offer a single product that meets the needs of every company. Our solutions are delivered in a consultative way, taking into account the challenges facing each client. But we understand that you can and should know the tool before contracting for its use. Contact us and tell us a little bit more about your company so our team can help you understand how we can solve your recruitment and selection problems and give you a demonstration of the software.

  • Is VAGAS.com responsible for promoting the job openings?

    All of the jobs created using VAGAS e-partner can be posted on the VAGAS.com.br site as well as through the recommendation emails that we send out every day to applicants registered in our data base. However, we believe that each company knows the profile of the applicant they are looking for and the best place to find him or her. For this reason, we recommend that all of our clients advertise their job openings on the channels that are most appropriate for each type of job.

  • What is included when my company purchases VAGAS e-partner?

    When contracting VAGAS e-partner, you will have access to a complete software package for managing your entie selection process. In addition, you will also be able to advertise your job opportunities on VAGAS.com.br as well as through emails sent to applicants, you will be able to apply free tests during your selection processes, you will receive an exclusive "work with us" site, on-site or online training for use of the tool, telephone support. If the challenges your company faces require even more personalized solutions, it is also possible to contract for customizations, perform integration with other systems that are used at your company, have personalized tests, and apply behavioral evaluations for applicants. Contact us to find out about everything we have to offer.

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